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My hobbies are: Acting, Writing Poems, and a dash of photography on the side.

My online aliases are HBIDamian, and CelticTrinculo. (formerly known as TheDeibo / TheDeiboKnows)

I have been acting for over 10 years and have performed in various plays and musicals.


I'm one of the four hosts of "What's Past Is Podcast," where we discuss theatre past and present.

Available on Spotify, Audible, YouTube, and more!

In our episodes, we four young actors discuss plays, films, and television, sharing our experiences in producing and performing. We also feature special guests who talk about their lives in the arts.

Hosted by Robert H. Gaydon, James Peacock, Damian Hall-Beal, and Stephen Michael Bennett.
Produced by Hereafter Productions, in collaboration with the Ucheldre Repertory Company.

Here is the latest episode of "What's Past Is Podcast"!


Here are just some of my pictures.

I have been taking photos over the years and have captured some lovely moments.

The pictures below are just thumbnails. To view the full pictures, head to my Flickr or Instagram pages.

Photo 1

Penrhos Swing

A rope swing in Penrhos Nature Reserve

Photo 2

Canolfan Ucheldre at Sunset

A picture of Canolfan Ucheldre Centre at sunset

Photo 3

Penrhos Forest Building

One of the many beautiful sights to see in the middle of Penrhos Forest

Photo 4

View from Llandudno Pier

A View of Llandudno from the Pier, with nice calm water.

Photo 5

Holyhead Port at Sunrise

A picture of Holyhead Port at sunrise.

Photo 6

Windmill Rig

at Holyhead Ferry Terminal

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